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Wow. Has this week been an interesting week or what? With people swirling around the GPL debate yet again there hasn’t been much else that people have been talking about – in fact, it’s generally been a fairly quiet week.

Of course, we aren’t aware of everything happening in the WordPress universe (at least not yet), but here are a few things that you’ll want to check out that we weren’t able to tackle head-on in the past 168 hours.

Enjoy your weekend folks!

1. Tips to Engage Your Users via Pingomatic

Some obvious tips that’ll get your community going via Ping-O-Matic!


2. Community Training Workshops

Whoa. There’s a lot going on and a lot of momentum that Jen Mylo is bringing in the Community section of WordPress!


3. Smarterer WordPress Challenges

A bunch of neat tests to challenge your WordPress ninja skills. Got what it takes?


4. Evaluating Drag and Drop

Chris Lema gives a neat overview:


5. iThemes Waving the Flag for a Big 2013

I love this flag as it reminds me of Steve Jobs and his team at Apple when they decided they were going to be rebels and change the world. They end up doing just that.

iThemes going big!

6. Best Programming Language to Learn in 2013

PHP. Ain’t that something… Isn’t that what WordPress…

PHP at the top!

7. A Reminder of What 3.6 is Bringing via VIP

VIP Services reminds us (and you) what to expect in 3.6! Getting excited…!


8. Envato’s License Changed for the Worst?

ThemeShaper provides a perspective:


9. Editorial Flow Update

I simply cannot wait for this to be released.


10. New Updates from Mentorship Program

New tab coming with more info… shortly!


11. Finding the Real Client via Pressnomics

Man, have I walked through all of this and more in the past…

via Pressnomics Blog

12. Moderator Update from Week 4

Next meeting is in 4 days!


13. Documentation Handbook Update

This is going to provide a lot of value for a lot of people.


14. Lorelle Says Happy Anniversary

She shares her experience over the years.


15. A Few Wedding Websites

Why not use WordPress for your wedding website?


16. Weekly Dev Chat for Mobile

For the week of January 23, 2013.

dev chat-mobile

17. YinPress and YangPress

Fairly interesting implementation of how to create your own theme and then sell it.



18. Syed Balkhi Interviewed on Code Poet

That WP Beginner guy is everywhere.

Syed Balkhi
Syed Balkhi

19. Custom Fonts on

Did you forget? It’s awesome!


20. 500 Website Reviews and SEO

Yoast shares what he’s learned after 500 reviews.


21. The Herd Mentality by Tom McFarlin

Sometimes it’s better not to be one of the crowd.


22. Post Formats UI Update from 1/21/2013

Helen shares the updates from the week.


23. 3.6 Development Core Update


24. How to Run a WordPress Meetup

Part 1 is released – can’t wait for part 2.


25. Five Minutes with Tim Moore


Tim Moore is interviewed on


26. Designer vs Developer

Sara Cannon shares her thoughts via WordCamp Phoenix.

Be the Unicorn
Be the Unicorn

27. Mobile OS Mess

via Scribu


28. Philip Arthur Moore

Approaches WordPress Theme Development and his perspective.


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